Reasons Why Contractors Should Consider Leasing Their Work Vehicles.

When your business grows to the point where you consider your collection of vehicles, your fleet. You will have learned some of the issues people face when they own aging vehicles. After several years, especially is the business is hard on them. You will be regretting the fact that those units are yours, and it is going to take a while to switch them over to new ones. Owning work vehicles just isn’t the way to go these days, and here are some reasons why you should lease instead.

Depreciation: Your work truck, or van is an investment, but it is not the kind that gains value. As soon as you purchase it you have begun to lose money, and you will continue to lose about 20% year after year. This is money that you are not going to get back. Van leasing costs money as well, but you will typically spend less monthly and you will not lose any money through a down payment. And at the end of the term, you are not stuck trying to sell an aging vehicle.

Keep Your Fleet Fresh: When you are in a leasing cycle it is possible to continuously upgrade to newer vehicles. Newer vehicles save you money for several reasons.

Newer Vehicles are More Fuel Efficient:  New vehicles have the advantages of the latest technology. So, you will cover more miles with less stops for fuel and save money too.

Newer Vehicles Have Fewer Problems: Having a work vehicle break down can cause you some serious problems, and your clients will not appreciate your excuses. New vehicles rarely break down and when they do, they are covered by warranty. It is also likely that your lease company will be able to provide you a replacement vehicle so that your work interruption will be brief.

Newer Vehicles Make You Look Professional: This fact is more intangible, but we all know that it is true. Showing up to a job site or to meet with clients with a new vehicle is a universal sign of success. This factor will work subliminally on your behalf, giving your client, or potential clients, confidence about your business and standards.

There is no reason to purchase a work vehicle and then hang on to it into its twilight years, just to recoup your losses. In fact, you will never accomplish this goal. The smart plan is to lease vehicles and replace them as time goes by. Leave someone else with the hassles and keep your own image sharp and professional.