What Does a Cast Iron Sprinkler Utility Pump do?

Likely as you look through the wide selection of sump pumps, well pumps, jet pumps, and utility pumps you are overwhelmed by the overextending amount of options to choose from. This is normal. However, to start narrowing down your search, you should begin looking into specific types of pumps and try to understand what they can do for you.

In this article, we will be honing our focus on the cast iron sprinkler utility pump and showing you exactly what it is for, how it works, and whether this is the proper water pumping choice for your needs.

What exactly is a utility pump?

The definition of utility is something that is useful, profitable, and beneficial. In the case of pumps, this definition remains true however the real understanding of what it is, is commonly known as a multipurpose pump for many different kinds of applications. This means that if you are not really sure what kind of pump to get and you do not have anyone to assist you or provide you with any recommendations, a utility pump is the safest bet.

It should be noted however that utility pumps do come categorized into various specialties. Therefore, the pump you might use to drain an aquarium or a water bed would not be the same kind of pump you might need to pump clean water into your home.

What can a sprinkler pump do?

Simply from the name, you may have already gathered that sprinkler pumps are primarily used for sprinkler systems. But what do they actually do? In short, their main function lies in bringing water from a local source like a pond or lake to water your lawn or garden.

What some people may not realize however is that because this kind of pump is designed to move large volumes of water is very well suited to also be used to fill up swimming pools, and water tanks or to move water in a large way to another designated location.

The cast iron sprinkler utility pump is also very well adapted to increasing the water pressure of the clean water that you use within your home.

Additional benefits

Apart from its multiuse advantages as a very adaptable pump, being cast iron means that you gain the additional benefit of advanced heat dissipation. This allows you to worry less about your pump motor overheating and it means that you can use this pump for more extended periods of time.