A Comparison Between Shipping Your Car and Driving It When You Move

Relocation from one place to another place can always be very challenging, particularly when you also need to figure out about moving your car to any new destination. If your new destination happens to be within a distance of a few hour’s drive then you may prefer to drive your own car.

However, if your new destination happens is in a far way city or state then you may often wonder when moving should I drive or ship my car? It will always be better to avail the services of Ship a Car, Inc., which is a very reliable car shipping company when you are moving to any different state or country.

Let us, therefore, compare both the options while moving your car from one location to another location.

Availing car shipping service


1.     Reliable service

Car shipping services are quite reliable and you can ship your car to any location of the country and you will get your car shipped safely.

2.     Experience of the road

Most of these shipping service providers are regularly transporting cars to different places and hence they know about all road routes and are well experienced.

3.     Affordable cost

Their charges are usually quite affordable if you prefer the open transport method. For enclosed transportation, the cost will be higher where your car will remain protected undercover.

4.     Pick and drop service (Optional)

A car shipping company will pick up your car from your location and can also drop the car at your destination by charging a little extra.


1.     It may take a little more time

During the busy season, your car may take a much longer time to ship depending upon the availability of the carrier service for your route.

2.     Availability of service during winter is a concern

During winter, if you want to ship your car, then for any snowbound area, it may take much longer time to ship your car.

Driving the car of your own


1.     Can save your time

You can drive your car at your own convenience and enjoy yourself with your family while driving to a new place and that way you can reach much faster than shipping services.


1.     Risk of accidents

While driving on the busy highway, there are always certain risks of an accident particularly if you are not too familiar with all the routes and do not drive out of your city more often.

2.     Wear and tear

Driving a longer distance, your car will undergo a lot of wear and tear, that you will not get by shipping your car instead.

3.     Costs more on fuel and other expenses

While self-driving your car, not only you will spend on the fuel but also you will have to spend money on your food. Besides, on the way, you may also have to spend a night at a hotel and all these costs will add up.

The self-driving option will be only preferred if the distance to be covered is not very high. For long-distance shipping, a self-driving option will be too expensive.