Selecting A Deep-Cycle Battery: Follow These Steps

Deep cycle battery plays a significant role in the performance of your equipment or your vehicle. Regrettably, because of low quality, a lot of industrial batteries fail. Resulting in y our activities are standing still every day. Therefore, investing in good-quality batteries is always beneficial. There are significant aspects to bear in mind while purchasing a deep cycle battery Canada. Selecting the correct battery will lead to high performance and total return on investment.


If a location is widely accessible, then the low-cost and broad availability of flooded batteries are an excellent alternative. Where installation occurs in a remote zone where continuous maintenance cannot be assured, the best alternatives are maintenance-free AGM or gel batteries.


The use of carbon compounds has proven beneficial in prolonging the life of deep cycle battery regions where the battery is typically operating at partial charging status. When batteries run in an off-grid or an unstable grid area, they are typically not fully charged on a regular basis. This quickly reduces the battery life, however, carbon additions can help extend the battery life and save the expensive replacement of the battery.

IEC testing

Check IEC test results and results from third parties. To assure the quality and authenticity of cycle life data, select a producer who utilizes external test firms. Testing IEC 61427 guarantees that the batteries comply with the rigors of the deep discharging and recharging cycles of applications in renewable energy.

Cycle life

This is evaluated as the number of discharge/charge cycles that a battery may offer at a particular percentage of its rated capability. Batteries from various manufacturers may have the same rankings, but life cycle performance is highly influenced by design, materials, processes, experience, and quality control.


To ensure that the application is correctly assessed, review the battery’s capacity. A battery with low capacity will regularly overload and have a shorter life. An over-dimensional battery is likewise a bad choice, as it costs more without extra value.


Choose a battery from a renowned manufacturer with a history of developing and producing high-quality deep-cycle energy batteries.


A cheap price battery is appealing, but the cost of replacement of a battery is substantially greater if it is achieved at the sacrifice of quality and cycle-life performance. When selecting a battery for renewable energy applications, it is necessary to consider aspects other than pricing.